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Robert L. Schwenck was born in Los Angeles and raised in Glendale, California.  Living in a fair climate, surrounded by hills and near ocean, mountains, and desert inspired Bob at an early age to attempt to capture the beauty he observed around him.  He received a National Art Association Scholarship and earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Drawing and Painting from UCLA.  But the ministry beckoned, and he went on to earn his Masters of Divinity from Princeton Seminary.  During his 37 years in the ministry (over 30 years serving the Community Presbyterian Church of San Juan Capistrano where he is now Pastor Emeritus), he continued to marvel at the beauty he saw in the world.


Bob Schwenck paints with clarity, strength and vitality.  He uses saturated color and vigorous brushstrokes to communicate the creation's spiritual foundations.


In recent years he has had several one-man shows in Southern California including showing his work at Mission San Juan Capistrano and several private showings.  He has done numerous commissions working both from photographs and on-the-spot drawings and has had his work displayed in local galleries in San Juan Capistrano and Dana Point.  He is one of the featured artists in the book "Art of the American West" by Caroline Linscott and Julie Christiansen-Dull, a collection of the best work of contemporary western artists.


Robert L. Schwenck's work is displayed at The Cottage Gallery on Los Rios in San Juan Capistrano. Please stop by and see his paintings along with those of other exceptionally talented local artists.

His paintings of the Grand Canyon are also on display at the Mountain Spirit Gallery in Prescott, AZ.


He also serves on the staff at Ghost Ranch in New Mexico teaching painting.


Robert Schwenck is an award-winning member of San Clemente Art Association and can be seen in  shows throughout Southern California.

Now, happily retired, Bob Schwenck resides - and paints - in Dana Point, California with occasional trips to other locales in search of his next inspiration.

Photo © 2017 used by permission of Dennie Hahn

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